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Logistics solution consulting and design

Logistics solution consulting and design

Product Details

Grace (Tianjin) International Logistics Co., Ltd. customizes the logistics plan design plan according to customer needs, and ensures the implementation of the plan by optimizing the supply chain model and suppliers. Our freight management consulting services provide comprehensive third-party logistics supply chain solutions, involving all transportation methods and geographic planning and design. Relying on rich experience and extensive global network, it meets the needs of customers.

Thinking about the planning and design of logistics center

Under normal circumstances, we do logistics consulting planning according to the following design ideas:

1) Confirm the industry characteristics of customer logistics and analyze the characteristics of the customer's overall supply chain;

2) Detailed data analysis, understand logistics characteristics, and determine logistics planning needs;

3) Conceptual design based on land plot characteristics;

4) Planning the degree of automation;

5) Planning equipment scheme;

6) Planning the route;

7) Design the internal layout of the warehouse;

8) Planning detailed operation procedures and logistics information systems;

9) Planning the organizational structure and staffing;

10) Compare the planned capacity with the demand value.