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Flexitank transportation

Flexitank transportation

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Preliminary understanding of liquid bag transportation and cargo damage. Goods suitable for flexible tank transportation: first, liquid food, including edible oil, fruit juice, beverages, mineral water, beer (gasless), wine, sorbitol, etc.; the second category is industrial Grease, such as tung oil, castor oil, lubricating oil, transformer oil; the third category is harmless liquid chemical products, such as natural rubber, synthetic rubber, fertilizers, high-grade fatty acids, etc.

Advantages of container flexitank transportation: Taking wine transportation as an example, the traditional transportation method of freight forwarding is bottled transportation of wine. When a 20-foot container is fully loaded, the quality of wine can reach 21670kgs, which is equivalent to about 17,336 bottles. But in fact, the 20-foot container has a limited loading capacity, which can hold 12-13,000 bottles of wine at most, resulting in a full-load capacity of about 15,000 kg, which is far less than the theoretical 21 tons. Similarly, a 40-foot container can hold about 23,000 bottles of wine, but the total weight of wine at this time is 28,750 kg, which exceeds the upper limit of 26,480 kg. Due to its limited weight, it can hold up to 21,184 bottles of wine.