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Overseas warehouse total logistics

Overseas warehouse total logistics

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The definition of overseas warehouse total logistics: overseas warehouse service is a one-stop control and management service for foreign trade e-commerce to carry out cargo warehouse, sorting, packaging and delivery at the point of sale. To be precise, the operation process of an international freight forwarding warehouse includes three parts: first-class transportation, warehouse management and local distribution.

Leading transportation: Chinese merchants transport goods to overseas warehouses by sea, air, land or combined transportation.

Warehouse management: Chinese merchants use the service provider information system to remotely operate overseas warehouse goods and manage inventory in real time.

Local delivery: The overseas warehouse center will deliver the goods to customers by local mail or express delivery based on the customer's order information.

In terms of market size, the number and scale of overseas warehouses have increased year by year. If the direct mail model can solve the problem of cross-border e-commerce logistics services, overseas warehouses cannot thrive. Export-oriented overseas warehouses solve the problems in the supply chain of merchants, expand the range of products to choose from, improve customs clearance capabilities, reduce the number of transportation operations, reduce cargo losses, and improve the return of goods to the warehouse and a series of buyer customer experience Related service problems exist in the overseas warehouse market.