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International door-to-door transportation

International door-to-door transportation

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In international logistics transportation, door-to-door transportation has become commonplace. For many beginners who are just getting started, they may not know what door-to-door transportation is. So, what does door-to-door transportation mean?

  International door-to-door transportation

Door to door: the container loaded by the shipper, after the cargo hold or factory warehouse is inspected by the carrier, the carrier is responsible for the entire transportation until the consignee’s cargo hold or factory warehouse is delivered. This whole process of online transportation is called "door-to-door" transportation, also known as "express." This mode of transportation is now a matter of course, and various transportation companies have achieved this, effectively saving the payee's time.

Professional European and American transportation business from door to door

One time-limited express package

Two ordinary express parcels

3. Services for charging express package fees

Four express parcel special box service

Five express parcel container package service

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Seven batches of parcel transportation service

Eight contract customer package transportation

Nine light and small cargo transportation services