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Insurance agency business

Insurance agency business

Product Details

Domestic cargo transportation insurance takes goods in domestic transportation as the subject of insurance, and provides financial compensation when the subject suffers losses caused by natural disasters or accidents. It can be divided into: direct cargo transportation insurance, intermodal cargo transportation insurance, and container transportation insurance. According to the mode of transportation, it can be divided into: parallel cargo transportation insurance, land cargo transportation insurance, and air cargo transportation insurance. In terms of coverage, domestic cargo transportation insurance is much more extensive than ordinary property insurance. When a disaster occurs within the scope of insurance liability, ordinary property insurance is only responsible for the direct loss of the insured property and the reasonable costs incurred by measures such as rescue and protection to avoid losses.

Main insurance types

1. Waterway, railway, highway, aviation and combined transportation insurance;

2. Package transportation insurance;

3. Dangerous goods transportation insurance;

4. Passenger baggage check-in insurance;

Insurance term: The term of insurance for cargo transportation is based on one voyage, and cargo insurance is handled in accordance with the "warehouse-to-warehouse" clause.

Insurance liability: waterway, highway, and railway transportation insurance is divided into basic insurance and comprehensive insurance liability. Other transportation insurance liabilities are determined by a special contract and are bound by clauses.

Exclusion of liability: any defect or natural loss of the insured goods, improper packaging, intentional acts or negligence of the insured.

Grace (Tianjin) International Logistics Co., Ltd. has more than ten years of experience in cooperative import and export insurance agency business and a number of insurance companies. Fubon Insurance, Pacific Insurance Company, Xinhua Insurance, Bohai Insurance Company, etc. have signed agency agreements.